We believe a strong planning process is the best way to help you meet your individual financial goals and objectives. It is crucial to create a financial plan that seeks to meet your needs now, and that plans for the future, in a tax efficient manner.We will work together to help you answer the key questions, which in turn  help decipher how our process will be adapted to your tolerance for risk and cash flow goals.

  1. What goals do you have for your money and your retirement?
  2. How soon do we need to create cash flow to meet your goals?
  3. How much risk are you willing to take to meet your financial goals?


With the important questions answered, we can develop a strategy to help meet your long-term goals. Our wealth management process coupled with our fee-based asset management allows us to properly construct a portfolio that suits your specific needs, while aligning our goals directly with yours. As we select your investments, we strive to educate you to the reasons for our decisions. This helps us achieve one of our main objectives; making you comfortable with our financial planning and investment process.

Beyond the construction of your portfolio, we begin to implement your personalized strategy. With a road map to your financial destination set in place, we now have a point of reference to refer back to, and adapt your portfolio to the ever changing aspects of the market.


Part of the wealth management process, that we view as just as important as the investments we select, is the regular review of your portfolio. We evaluate your holdings to determine if they continue to be properly aligned with both your goals and current market conditions. It’s our responsibility to maintain our strategy by analyzing whether certain market factors will actually influence your personal financial plan.

In the same sense, we help act as a guide to eliminate the emotions from investing. You will inevitably be bombarded with all sorts of information along your financial journey that, in some cases, may lead you to question your own investment strategy. It’s our job to help you weed through the constant flow of information, be it from the news or a chat with a friend, and decide what truly impacts your long-term plan. During market ups and downs, we maintain contact with you to keep your mind at ease, alert you of any necessary changes, and work together to stay on course with your financial plan.


If history shows us anything, it helps us understand that markets will provide challenges along the way. It’s our responsibility to respond to the many issues that present themselves.

But, beyond swings in the market, you also have changes that arise in your life that may alter your plans and impact your portfolio. With the review process we have in place, we are confident that changes will be recognized quickly and accurately to help us implement the necessary changes. It is important to let us know if anything changes through this process.